About Us

About Celtic Concepts, Inc.
& Darren Davis

“Ag cruthú comhcheangal leis an nádúr.”

That’s Gaelic for creating harmony in nature, something that comes naturally to Darren Davis, founder of Celtic Concepts.

Born in Ireland, Darren’s father was a professor of agriculture and the family lived on a large farm on the college’s agricultural campus. Darren grew up among orchards and produce fields, barns and stables. He tinkered with farm machinery from an early age, and learned the basics of fertilizer use and turf management.

After working for the Irish Forestry Service helping to rejuvenate Irish forests and then running a family business installing fencing, Darren came to the United States in 1996 and founded Celtic Concepts. He brought with him his intrinsic understanding of plants and landscape, his knowledge of landscape installation and construction, his appreciation for the beauty of nature, and his personal ethic of commitment and hard work. Over ten years later, Celtic Concepts continues to flourish, and our corner of New Jersey is all the greener because of it.

Celtic Concept's founder Darren Davis can help you envision your property's full potential and make it a reality.

Your landscaping will last for generations and add both value and beauty to your property. Even more importantly, your family and guest will have years of enjoyment in your news beautifully landscaped and maintained gardens and outdoor living spaces.

Celtic Concepts relies on the referrals of others for the continued success of our business, so long-term customer satisfaction is extremely important to us. Homeowners can count on quality workmanship, timely services, attention to detail, and professional results. We guarantee your satisfaction.

Celtic Concepts has deep roots in Monmouth County so you don’t have to just take our word for it. Our work can be found through the Two River area and beyond. We’ll be happy to provide you with references.